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Mark B Tomlinson

Mouse Acceleration on MacOS

ExactMouse acceleration killer: ExactMouse from Steelseries removes mouse acceleration on the Mac. Acceleration is a a problem for me when using a mouse on any computer that requires precise pointer placement. It is not easy to disable it completely on the Mac without using some fancy terminal command. To make it easy to disable acceleration either term-rally or permanently you can use the ExactMouse tool from Steelseries. The improvement in general mouse work are subtle but noticeable and improve the feel of high quality gaming mice.

Waffen One: Schnuller

After years of avoiding weapons I have just completed my first one, an Assault Rifle concept, of my own design. I did all the work in Modo including the concepting while I modelled this meant it took a bit of time to complete. I may do some more in the future as I learned a few tricks in doing the piece. More renders on artstation The name schnuller is a play on words from the US English translation.

Reverse a Curve in Modo

This one is too easy but I never got it so: Select the Curve in Poly mode (3 key) then hit F to flip. Boom the curve direction is reversed, F is used to Flip the polygon faces so I would never have guessed but when you know it makes sense.

AstroGrep open at line in

How to configure AstroGrep to use as the default editor and to open the file at the specific location. Change the path and version to suite the location of the atom.exe on your system. C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.18.0\atom.exe